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About us

Supporting male domestic abuse survivors

Find-A-Friend is operated by the Future Foundation, a registered charity, which began in 2004.

We are a small, local group, working in the Beaconsfield, Maidenhead, Marlow, Slough, Staines, West Drayton, and Windsor areas. 

Government figures show that there are around FIVE THOUSAND men who are abused by their families every year in our target area. Please help us to support people who desperately need our help to rebuild their lives after t... Learn more

Domestic abuse is more common than you think

Family crimes happen far too often. The UK government estimates that some 2.5m people experience bullying of some kind, every year. 

And at least one-third of that number are MEN. That’s more than three-quarters of a million MALE victims of domestic mistreatment!

Family abuse of men is particularly difficult to solve because the survivors are often reluctant to come forward because of outmoded cultural barriers.

They may feel constrained by ... Learn more

Types of abuse

Family abuse is difficult to define, but it usually involves someone exerting inappropriate control over a partner, spouse, or relative.

The abuse can be:

  • PHYSICAL – beating up another person, or threatening to do so. Or perhaps threatening to destroy their property or prized possessions.
  • MENTAL – convincing someone that they are a bad person, because of some real or imagined issue. Or, for example, “gaslighting” them, to suggest that the ab... Learn more

Areas Covered

Thames Valley, including Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Maidenhead, Marlow, Slough, Staines, West Drayton, and Windsor

Quote... unquote

Theresa May, Maidenhead MP and former Prime Minister

“We have a duty not only to bring the perpetrators of these vile crimes to justice, but to support victims as they rebuild their lives. 

“Domestic abuse can take many forms, from horrific physical violence to coercive behaviour that robs people of their self-esteem, their freedom and their right to feel safe in their own homes. But the immense bravery I’ve seen demonstrated by survivors is consistent throughout."

11 Nov 2021
Shehryar Ahmad-Wallana, Hillingdon Councillor

“Find-A-Friend is a professionally run service which fills an important need in the West London and Thames Valley areas. It changes lives. So I would encourage everyone to support it.”

11 Nov 2021
Pete, family abuse survivor

“Anything that anyone can do to prevent abuse in the home is vital. And the work of Find-A-Friend is badly needed. Much abuse, especially towards men, goes unnoticed and unreported. That’s because men try to keep their masculinity intact and put on a brave face. Although, inside, they are crying out for help. I just wish I had realised there was help at hand during my 10 years of hell.” (Picture posed by model).

11 Nov 2021

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